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Wellness is part of overall health. It’s just as important as physical fitness. This month we’re featuring some great local wellness products and services. Get your Om on and reset your Chakras by trying these items.

Healthy eating. Healthy living.

Nutrition + Diet

"I have absolutely loved the support given to us by the team at YEG Fitness. Consumers are known to trust recommendations from people they know. YEG Fitness does a great job getting out into the community and building that network looking for fun and effective ways to lead a healthy lifestyle."
Jordan Law

Owner, Spinunity

"I have been working with YEG Fitness for over a year now, and have been nothing but happy. I chose to work with YEG Fitness because it encompasses a community fitness spirit with a passion for all that is health, wellness and fitness.The YEG Fitness team is passionate, professional and prompt; some of the best customer service I have seen in a while."
Shara Vigeant

Owner, SVPT Fitness & Athletics

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